2 May 19

Amsterdam to ban fossil-fuel cars from 2030

From 2030, petrol and diesel cars will no longer be allowed to enter Amsterdam. That’s the major takeaway of the ‘Actieplan Schone Lucht’ (Clean Air Action Plan) presented this Thursday by the municipal government.

That transition will be gradual: from 2020, diesel cars older than 15 years will be banned from an environmental zone within the A10 ring road. The existing environmental zone banning LCVs and trucks will be extended. From 2022, it will also apply to public and private buses. From 2025, the ban will be extended to motorcycles and mopeds. And finally, in 2030 all diesel and petrol cars will be subject to the ban.  

The plan proposes both subsidies and exemptions to help the citizens of Amsterdam make the transition to fossil-free transportation. Amsterdammers who buy an EV can apply to have a charging station installed at or near their home. The city will install more fast-chargers. And citizens opting for emission-free vehicles will find it easier to get a parking permit.

The plan is not final yet: it will be discussed in the city council, and citizens have a chance to add their suggestions and objections.  

Authored by: Frank Jacobs