21 Oct 19

Ikea uses NewMotion's Business Hub for EV charging

Netherlands-based charging solutions provider NewMotion, a member of the Shell Group, is introducing Business Hub, a new solution that allows fleets to monitor, analyse and control the charging of their electric vehicles (EVs). 

“We see the need for businesses to be in complete control of the costs and usage of their EV fleet and infrastructure,” says NewMotion CEO Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion. “With 10 years’ experience in the smart charging industry, we’re confident that the Business Hub will enable companies to overcome the hurdles they face when scaling up their e-mobility.”

In so doing, Business Hub will help those fleets reduce the TCO of their EV fleet, and maximise the efficiency of their EV infrastructure. Used with NewMotion’s smart charge points and charge card, the solution allows remote access management, tariff setting and cost allocation. Business Hub has already been deployed by NewMotion customer Ikea Netherlands.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs