3 Oct 21

XXImo and Amber collaborate on shared EVs

Customers of XXImo, the Dutch mobility service provider, will now also have access to the vehicles offered by EV sharing specialist Amber. The collaboration between both companies aims to provide corporate fleets with a mobility option that is both flexible and sustainable.

Via XXImo’s mobility platform, fleet customers can give their drivers various levels of access to Amber’s shared EVs, for example by providing a weekly or monthly budget, by limiting the days on which Amber cars can be booked, by allowing private use or not, by registering and charging for mileage, and so on. 

Amber cars can be one of the options in a mobility budget, and thus make it easier and cheaper to organise business travel. Fleets will receive monthly statements detailing all trips and associated costs. According to XXImo, access to Amber’s EVs provides fleet customers with an added means of managing mobility cost, while fleet drivers will enjoy the formula’s flexibility. 

Amber EVs are available at 145 hubs and service areas throughout the Netherlands. Amber guarantees vehicle availability within three hours after booking. Via its collaboration with XXImo, the EV sharing specialist now has access to a total of 150,000 corporate mobility users. For XXImo, Amber adds an entirely sustainable option to its range of mobility solutions.  

Image: XXImo / Amber

Authored by: Frank Jacobs