10 Jul 20

Dutch government to invest €30m in public charging stations

The Dutch government is investing €30 million in a network of charging stations to keep up with the growing popularity of EVs in the country. A needed investment, as the EV subsidies for this year have already been used up.

In 2021, 213 new chargers will need to be installed in the Netherlands each day, a figure that should be up to 550 by 2025. A government spokesperson said this investment is needed to ensure the advantages of electric driving can be used fully.

Part of the new chargers will be installed on smart charging car parks, as it is not always feasible to install chargers along roads or in residential neighbourhoods.

The government predicts there will be 1.9 million electric cars in the Netherlands by 2030, requiring a total of 1.7 million chargers. At this moment, there are 200,000 EVs on Dutch roads.

At the start of the year, the Dutch government earmarked €10 million to subsidise the sale of electric vehicles. Halfway through the year, this budget has already been exhausted. There’s still a €6 million budget for buying used EVs, but industry insiders urge the government to increase the budget for new EVs regardless.

Image: electric car charging in Amsterdam (source: Shutterstock)

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck