5 May 20

Why e-LCVs will boom in the Netherlands

When we’re talking about EVs – electric vehicles – we almost always mean electric cars. Where are the electric vans? Don’t worry: they’re coming, says ElaadNL. 

In a new study, the Netherlands-based centre for knowledge and innovation of electric mobility predicts that electric LCVs (light commercial vehicles, a.k.a. vans) are about to boom. 

At present, there are about 5,000 e-LCVs in the Netherlands, i.e. about 0.5% of the total. That’s a lot less, both in absolute and relative terms, than electric cars (114,000 units, 1.4% of the total). But by 2030, there could be as many as 360,000 e-LCVs in the Netherlands. 

ElaadNL sees two main reasons for the predicted increase: 

  • Zero-emission zones

From 2025, vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs) will no longer be allowed to enter a large number of inner-city areas in the Netherlands. This goes for both cars and LCVs. This will greatly impact demand, especially from delivery services. 

  • Better technology

For many years, low range and slow charging were two main reasons were working against the popularisation of e-LCVs. Better technology now means both have significantly improved, meaning e-LCVs are now fit for many more purposes. 

However, increased e-LCV use will lead to charging issues, which will need to be resolved – both in terms of providing more public charging points in urban environments; and preparing the grid itself for a surge in demand for electricity – for example by ‘smart charging’ vehicles outside peak hours. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs