3 Sep 21

NIO's European expansion accelerates

After the arrival of the first shipment of ES8 SUVs in mid-August, Chinese EV brand NIO started test drives in Norway. The same month, the Nio app was released in iOs and Android for Norwegian users. As of 30 August, all 300 testing spots were flooded with curious Norwegians eager to test the ES8. Two testing sites chosen for NIO ES8 SUV are the runway of Eggemoen Airport near Oslo and the Heen Grustak off-road track.

Norway appears as the springboard for NIO's expansion in Europe. ES8 deliveries will begin in September, also the first Nio House in Oslo is expected to open its doors this month.

NIO CEO Wiliam Li already revealed their plans to expand into Germany if they achieve success in Norway. To do that, NIO will be focusing on expanding its charging and retail presence in Norway as the deliveries of ES8 start. By the end of 2021, NIO expects to have four swap stations in the Oslo region. NIO had started delivering superchargers and swap stations before the arrival of ES8s.

NIO is planning to present the ET7 sedan to the European market under its expansion plan in 2022.

Author: Müfit Yilmaz Gökmen
Copyright: Nio, 2021.