9 Sep 19

EV-only lessor MisterGreen expands into Belgium

Launched in the Netherlands in 2008, MisterGreen Electric Lease is to expand into Belgium. The lease company’s EV-only offer will be on the market in a matter of weeks. 

MisterGreen Electric Lease’s mission is to accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility by offering easy and flexible financing for pure electric vehicles (EVs). 

2,000 vehicles
In its 11 years on the Dutch market, MisterGreen Electric Lease has gained a lot of expertise in leasing out EVs, and that is starting to pay off. Over the last two years, the company’s turnover has doubled. Its total fleet consists of around 2,000 vehicles, mostly Teslas.  

The company now hopes to continue that rate of growth, thanks in part to its expansion onto the Belgian lease market. The company considered the time was right, keeping in mind the large number of new EVs that will hit the market in the months to come. 

Irreversible trend
“Belgians increasingly want to switch to electric mobility, and that trend is irreversible in Belgium as well. Driving electric is nicer, cheaper and cleaner,” says Mark Schreurs, co-founder and managing director of MisterGreen Electric Lease (pictured right). 

Frédéric Jacoby (pictured left) has been appointed as the company’s Country Manager for Belgium. His previous roles include Sales Manager at LeasePlan Belgium, Fleet Manager Belux and subsequently Store Manager at Tesla, and Fleet & Sales Director at Volvo ACB.

Selling points
Also in Belgium, the two main selling points for Mister Green Electric Lease will be 

  • the fact that it only offers pure EVs, which means it has profound experience and expertise in this field, facilitating the switch from vehicles propelled by combustion engines to ones powered by electric motors; and
  • the convenience of its paperless business model: with a smartphone, customers can configure a vehicle according to their preferences and close an operational leasing contract in no more than five minutes.
Authored by: Frank Jacobs