22 Jul 21

EVs capture nearly 40% of Swiss market

Electric vehicles (EVs) have captured nearly 40% of the new-car market in Switzerland this year. According to the latest figures, battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) now represent 9.9% of the Swiss market, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) 8.3% and hybrids 20.6%, writes InsideEVs.

That’s a total of 38.8%, which puts Switzerland in the same league as EV hotspots such as the Netherlands and Norway. The Alpine country is electrifying at a rapid clip, with BEV sales rising from just 1.7% in 2018 to 14.3% in June of this year.

Swiss success for EVs is remarkable, considering the Swiss federal government offers no purchase incentives (although a couple of local-government cantons do). The federal government does sponsor some infrastructure projects. By the last count in March, the country had about 5,700 public charging points. 

A recent survey found just over half of the Swiss are likely to buy an EV in the next three years. The most popular EV models right now are the Tesla Model 3, the VW ID.3, and the Renault Zoë.  


Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs