30 Apr 19

Swiss True Fleet market contracts in March

New car registrations in Switzerland were down in the first quarter of this year (72,088 units, 0.8% less than in Q1 2018), Dataforce reports. However, the figure for March alone (28,728 registrations) was up by almost 1.4%. Good news – but that doesn't extend to the True Fleet market.

In fact, only tactical registrations increased in March (+36.2%). The Private market remained almost exactly the same. Rental company registrations fell again (-36.2%), and the True Fleet market was also down (-7.0%). 

Cantonal level
“As in the first two months of the year, tactical registrations for Dealers/Manufacturers were mainly responsible for the growth in the commercial registrations (+3.1%) in March,” says Christian Spahn, Dataforce analyst. 

The True Fleet Market accounted for around 21% of all registrations in March. At a cantonal level, the share of fleet registrations was highest in Zug at just under 32.6%. In the cantons of Basel-City (29.2%), Schwyz (25.8%) and Thurgau (25.4%) the share was also well above the national average.

Top 10
Positive and negative growth was evenly split among the Top 10 True Fleet manufacturers this March. With 21% growth, Skoda remained firmly in first place, increasing the distance with its parent Volkswagen in second place. BMW, Mercedes and Audi, all losing slightly, follow on spots 3 to 5. 

Excellent results were had by Renault (+ 9.9%) on sixth, Tesla (+222.2%) on seventh and Seat (+78.3%) on eighth. The True Fleet brand top 10 was closed by Ford and Volvo, both down. 

Tesla Model 3
At model level, a real upheaval is emerging – also in Switzerland. Although launched only in February, Tesla's Model 3 (pictured) already occupied second place in March among the most registered fleet models. 

“This means that the electric car was only surpassed by the ubiquitous Skoda Octavia, which remained at the forefront, despite a 2 percent decline in volume,” says Mr Spahn. Meanwhile, the Seat Leon came in third. In addition, the rise of the VW Transporter registered as a passenger car continued unabatedly (+ 530%). Also, the Renault Megane (+ 224.3%) attracted some attention with its significant growth.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs