28 Mar 17

ALD Netherlands launches Own My Car

The Own My Car project, the winner of last year's ALD Driver Experience Challenge, has now been officially released by ALD in the Netherlands. 

Own My Car is a remarketing service that allows employees to either buy their end-of-contract car or to sell it. If drivers are not interested in owning their current lease cars, they can promote the selling by spreading an ad on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, or by sharing the offer to people from personal network of relatives and friends.

Through this B2C strategy, the driver becomes a mediator, ambassador, salesman and customer of ALD Automotive. To help them, an online price estimation tool based on key facts such as maintenance, damage history and mileage, and an ad link generator have been set up.

When potential buyers are found, ALD Automotive handles the rest. Drivers then receive benefits and incentives from the sale.

Image: ALD 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs