15 Nov 17

ALD rolls out startup competition winner parking app

ALD Automotive has announced that, in collaboration with Austrian startup, Parkbob, it has arrived at the roll-out of the pilot phase of ‘ALD Park’, an innovative digital parking app, in Austria.


Parkbob was the winner of ALD Automotive’s ALD Startup Challenge in June 2017 which gathered together a total of 63 startups from around the world to rethink the driver experience by creating an innovative  product or service for parking in urban areas. Their winning proposal focused on alleviating the difficulty when searching for a parking spot in urban areas with a ‘digital parking app’ solution.


After a short development phase, a 3-month pilot for testing ALD Park is now being rolled-out to ALD Automotive drivers and fleet managers in Austria and is available to be downloaded for free in Apple and Google Play app stores. For this pilot, the parking app will be tested in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Linz: it not only helps locate available parking spaces in some cities, but also alerts drivers automatically if they park in an invalid parking space, to avoid receiving any unnecessary parking fines. ALD Automotive’s customers also have access to an overview of parking regulations in their city at all times to know exactly where and for how long they are allowed to park and what the parking fees are if the parking space is not free.


Following the pilot test, ALD Automotive will look at potentially integrating the digital parking solution into ‘My ALD’, the company’s global fleet app.

(Image: Düsseldorf Airport)


Authored by: Tim Harrup