9 Feb 18

Alphabet registers more than 1,000 electric vehicles in France

Last year, Alphabet France registered more than 30,000 orders for new lease vehicles – a record. Of that total, more than 1,000 were either full-electric or rechargeable hybrids.

The BMW subsidiary's French fleet grew by 7.5% last year, more than the overall growth for the vehicle leasing sector in France, which stood at +5%. The entirety of the French leasing industry registered 511,000 new vehicles in 2017, which is 56.4% of the total market for new cars and LCVs in France in 2017.  

Despite being a relatively small player in France, Alphabet's emphasis on alternative mobility means that it alone was responsible for 45% of the full-electric vehicles registered by lease companies in France last year, and 23% of the rechargeable hybrid vehicles. In absolute figures, that is 508 EVs and 535 hybrids. 

Alphabet France's total fleet has progressed by 9% to 97,000 vehicles, which also exceeds the growth of the total lease fleet in France: +7%, to 1.367 million vehicles.  

Authored by: Frank Jacobs