12 Mar 15

BCAuto Enchères leading French remarketing surge

Last year, French online vehicle remarketeer BCAuto Enchères increased its turnover by 23% to €226 million, taking the lead in an industry that surged 6% in 2014.

After a decline of 4.4% in 2013, vehicle auctions are taking off again in France. Last year's 6% increase led to a total of €1 billion for the entire sector, 54% of which is now traded online (compared to 31% in 2013).

BCAuto Enchères, the French subsidiary of British Car Auctions, increased its turnover by 13% in 2013 and again by 23% last year, making it the largest vehicle auctioneer in France. The company, which only does business online and B2B, is now ahead of VP Auto, which gained 17% to achieve a €213 million turnover (to which should be added the €5 million of its VP subsidiary in Rouen, losing 17%).

Third player in the French market is Belgian-origin Alcopa Action, gaining 7% and attaining a €162 million turnover.  Via its stake in Groupe Bernard, Alcopa also has a stake in Anaf Auto Auction, the 7th player on the French market (stable at €33 million turnover).

Fourth is the Enkan group, with a turnover of  €103 million (-6%) for Toulouse  Enchères Automobiles, €29 million (-9%) for Aquitaine  Enchères Automobiles, and €11 million (+88%) for Aix Marseille Enchères Auto.


Authored by: Frank Jacobs