31 Mar 15

Best Drive opts for epyx in France

A Continental Tyres-owned fast-fit network has signed up to use epyx’s 1link Service Network e-commerce platform for its launch in France. Best Drive already has a presence as a major operator in several other European countries and plans to soon have around 250 outlets in place across France.

Patrick Olson, managing director of epyx France commented: “The arrival of Best Drive is a significant development in the French fast fit market and we are very pleased to be working with them right from the start of the project. Using the 1link Service Network platform will provide them with access to major car and van fleet buyers across France, an essential part of the tyre market. 1link Service Network is now being used by all of the major fast fit networks in France and is helping fleets to access significant savings through better tyre purchasing”.

Authored by: Tim Harrup