13 Dec 16

Best used cars “sold online”

Car auction

The best used car stock is now largely being sold online in a ready-to-retail condition to dealers, reports epyx. The UK company, which operates the 1link Disposal Network e-commerce platform, says that there has been a definite shift during 2016 because of increasing stock availability.

“We are seeing a concerted effort to defleet, recondition and resell stock as quickly as possible, generally in days rather than weeks, in order to free up capital rapidly and meet growing dealer demand for ready-to-retail cars and vans, says David Goodyear,” commercial director at epyx.

“The best way to do this is online, purely because the process is much faster than sending the car to a traditional auction, and potentially places the vehicle in front of many more buyers”. The majority of stock now sold at physical auctions tended to be of lesser quality, Mr. Goodyear said. 

 Image: Roger Kidd, CC BY-SA 2.0

Authored by: Frank Jacobs