23 Jun 15

CGI: “Expect a sudden rupture in sales financing at point of sale”

“It's not unrealistic to expect a sudden rupture in the business model of sales financing at the point of sale”, says Jean-Hugues Delvolvé, CEO of CGI, the French car financing specialist in an interview with Autoactu.com. “When technology can satisfy specific customer needs, customer habits can change overnight. That is why we have to be prepared for these changes, even if that is not easy for a 60-year-old company like ourselves”.

Recent research suggests 95% of people looking for a used car start their search online, rather than at the local dealership. Which is why CGI has established the used-car classifieds website vivacar.fr, reserved for its key customers. Vivacar.fr provides an easy overview of second-hand vehicles for sale, and Vivafi, an online funding simulator, which CGI is also offering for free to its partners, who can choose to integrate in on their own websites. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs