10 Jun 15

Condition vital to used van sales

The latest Manheim Market Analysis shows a steady appreciation of van sale prices across all segments in May. At the same time the company reveals the true danger of failing to present vans to buyers in their best light, with vans offered for sale with little or no MOT (technical control) fetching up to £400 less than their freshly-tested counterparts.

The latest report shows that the average selling price of vans in May was £19 higher than April at £4,109 and with an average of 2,670 fewer miles on the clock. May's report also highlighted that April's record upward swing in month-on-month average age was indeed a blip, seeing it fall back seven months to 66 months. This return to form for average age reflects the wash-through of high volumes of older, duplicate stock from large utility and distribution fleet sources. Taking a closer look at vendor segment source, the increased contribution of ex-daily rental, flexi-rent and contract hire/lease vans in May has also been seen.

Authored by: Tim Harrup