18 Aug 16

Daimler electrics chief to join Bosch?

It is being reported by Reuters and Automotive News Europe that Daimler’s top electric motors development executive, Harald Kroeger, is joining Robert Bosch.

German-born Kroeger has held various senior roles, including the position of head of quality at Mercedes and, with particular relevance to this latest news, two years on the board of directors at electric car company Tesla Motors. He is currently head of development for electrics, electronics, and e-drive.

Daimler and Bosch, the newswire and website report, declined to comment on the report. However, they also go on to say that this move comes as Mercedes-Benz prepares to launch a range of electric models. The carmaker is set to unveil a new Mercedes electric car at the Paris auto show next month.

(Image: Daimler)

Authored by: Tim Harrup