30 Jun 15

Dealers enjoy free trial on epyx UK used car platform

Any VAT-registered used car business in the UK can join epyx's 1link Disposal Network without charge for a period of 90 days. This saves businesses £340 (€480) in joining fees and £50 (€70) per car bought. The offer was inspired by the network's rapid growth, says David Goodyear, Head of Business Development at epyx, a provider of IT solutions for the automotive sector:

“Several major leasing companies and other large fleets have signed up to the platform in 2015 and, as a result, volumes have more than doubled over the past year. This has prompted higher levels of interest from dealers who would like to use the platform and, to give them an experience of how well it works, we are inviting them to use it free of charge”.

1link Disposal Network is used by major fleets to manage the selling of defleet stock to traders and dealers through a wide variety of channels including online and auctions.



Authored by: Frank Jacobs