14 Sep 17

Delaware starts with carpooling solution Kowo

Since 1 September, business transformation service provider Delaware is offering the Kowo carpooling service to its employees at all delaware locations in Belgium. Kowo allows them to automate carpooling via a mobile app. By providing this service, Delaware aims to address an important issue in the everyday life of its employees: commuting between home and work.


The choice for Kowo fits into Delaware's mission to reduce its ecological footprint, by for example offering employees an alternative to the car. By allowing its employees to carpool in a fully automated way, Delaware expects to significantly reduce the number

of cars used between the different offices or client sites.


Thanks to a partnership with AXA, the level of carpoolers’ flexibility and independence remains untouched: in case of cancellation or issue, a taxi takes over to get the user to its destination for free. Thanks to AXA, Kowo subscribers can also call upon road or legal assistance when required.


Delaware employs 1,700 professionals across 27 regional offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Kowo was launched in May 2017. Kowo is a programme run within individual companies, enabling people to come to work together in one car. The ‘match-making’ is done by a smartphone app, on which the passengers can see not only the time that the driver will pick them up, but the route and other pick-up points along the way.


Picture copyright: Kowo

Authored by: Steven Schoefs