28 May 14

DMD offers more services to traders

The DMD group is offering professional sellers of used cars operating with its VO@Pro website, the possibility of personalising the site and even of having the owners of the used cars in question provide films of them. A trader wishing to take advantage of the cars on offer (most of which are trade-ins from mother company DMD) can put his own logo on the site and adjust the price to cover the margin he wished to make. This makes the site, in the words of autoactu, a ‘virtual boutique’ for the trader in question.

The company points out that it is involved in small quantities of vehicles rather than large lots. Vehicles on offer on the site carry a document attesting to their condition. VO@Pro also says that it will at some point in the future add to the platform by enabling associated products such as tyres and oils to be offered. These would come from Motorcraft and other suppliers.

The new offering is intended to increase the sales of used cars made by VO@Pro from the current 2,500 on the physical auction site at St.-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique) to 3,000.

Authored by: Tim Harrup