9 Feb 18

Dutch cities link new housing to shared EVs

Seven cities in the Netherlands are linking planning permission for new housing projects to the availability of shared electric vehicles (EVs) for the future residents of those projects. 

The linkage is part of the so-called City Deal, signed by Amsterdam (pictured), The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amstelveen, Amersfoort and Apeldoorn. It deal entails a three-year commitment for cities to reduce CO2 emissions, build cheaper accommodation, set up smarter energy systems and provide more green spaces. 

Each city promises to develop at least two residential building projects that require the provision of shared Evs for residents. This will reduce the need for parking spaces. In total, all projects will comprise 5,000 residences and 200 EVs. 

Other participants in the government-sponsored project include EV charging specialist Smart Solar Charging and knowledge centre ElaadNL.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs