24 Nov 17

Dutch used-car website offers EU-wide price comparison

For its Dutch customers advertising abroad, Dutch used-car export specialist Exportwagen.eu is launching a Europe-wide price comparison module. On its website, the company offers Europese Marktprijzen ('European Market Prices'), offering their customers an insight into their asking price. 

Exportwagen.eu has been a partner of Mobile.de in Germany, and is using that company's database of 1.6 million vehicles to offer the price comparison. The comparison is made on the basis of the vehicle's age, mileage, engine type, body type and transmission type. The result is a market valuation that includes VAT but excludes BPM, the Dutch vehicle tax. Only the dealer marketing the particular car gets to see the estimate. 

The estimate allows dealers to correct prices below the suggested market rate, but also warns them that vehicles priced above the market average will have to have a unique selling proposition. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs