20 Jul 15

Former AutoTrader boss launches free rival website

Steve Edwards, the former CEO of Hurst Publishing, the parent company of AutoTrader, has announced the imminent launch of CarMart.co.uk, a new free-to-list car sales website  that is set to rival the industry leader in the UK – AutoTrader.

Edwards worked with AutoTrader before moving to Daily Mail and General Trust’s regionals Northcliffe to launch rival Auto magazines.

The new site and mobile app are due to go live on August 1st to provide sellers with a free listing service in a bid to create a market alternative to the industry leader. CarMart.co.uk is encouraging the public and, later down the line,  traders to register on their website to set up a lifetime free account.

“We expect to be listing in excess of 400,000 vehicles by the end of the year”, says Edwards.



Authored by: Frank Jacobs