6 Feb 15

Hungary imports more used cars

Imports of used cars to Hungary jumped by a year-on-year 36.8% to 96,747 in 2014, reports Customs Today, with light commercial vehicle imports increasing by 43.3% to 10,643. This information comes from the only used-car seller in Hungary with a nationwide sales network (DasWeltAuto) which was speaking to Hungarian news agency MTI. More than half (58%) of the imported cars were older than ten years and 20% of them were newer than five years. In the case of light commercial vehicles, 41% were older than ten years, while 27% were newer than five. The largest segment of imported cars, the equivalent of 25,118 units, was in the upper price range, with a smaller number, 21,247 belonging to the low to mid-range category.

This news is relevant to three aspects of the European car market. Firstly, the appetite in some of the less mature markets for second hand cars from abroad, secondly the importance of cross-border sales as a remarketing channel, and thirdly the difficulty in imposing a more environmentally-friendly fleet in these less mature markets.

Authored by: Tim Harrup