8 Feb 18

LeasePlan Belgium first to get triple-innovation XXImo Mobility Card

LeasePlan Belgium's Mobility Card has a fresh, new design. But that's not all. Mobility card provider XXImo has used the redesign to update the card with three innovations in one go. The Mobility Card for LeasePlan Belgium is the first to add options for EV charging, fraud protection and contactless payment, all in one go.

"Until now, drivers were issued with a separate card or a keychain to access EV charging. We've now integrated an extra chip into the card, enabling drivers to use the same card for charging an electric vehicle as for parking and refuelling a traditional petrol or diesel car - or a hybrid, for that matter", says Patrick Bunnik, CEO at XXImo. 

The EV charging option gives access to an interoperable network of 37,000 charging points (and counting) throughout 7 European countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, France and the UK) - offered by the vast majority of major EV charging providers. The EV option is rapidly growing in popularity, Mr. Bunnik confirms: "About 7% of our current Mobility Card inventory throughout the Benelux can be used for electric charging". 

The second innovation is EMV, a chip that basically makes the fuel card fraud-proof. "Most fuel cards still work with a magnetic strip, which is pretty easy to copy - and which still happens quite a lot, especially at unmanned fuel stations", says Mr. Bunnik. 

The EVM chip also enables contactless payments, which in a mobility context is a very popular application for parking. "You no longer need to get tickets and then go pay for them. You just need to hold the card in front of a reader, once while you're entering the parking lot or garage, and again when you're leaving. XXImo does the rest. Already more than half of the parking garages in our markets are equipped with the appropriate technology".

LeasePlan Belgium is the first company for which XXImo has implemented the three innovations at the same time. "Other XXImo resellers will follow soon".

Authored by: Frank Jacobs