29 Mar 17

Parot to sell used cars online in France

On 15 June, French multibrand car dealer group Parot is launching its Delta Project, a digital sales platform for used cars.

The announcement came as the group presented its annual results for 2016. Last year was a good one for Parot, which acquired VO3000 and the Behra Group, allowing it to become a major force in the used-vehicle trade.

Thanks in part to these acquisitions, Parot saw its turnover increase by 10% to €399.3 million, well higher than expected. Over the year, the company sold 5,907 new and 10,991 used Fords, BMWs, Minis, Mazdas and Mitsubishis at 32 sites across France. Of the 19,950 total, 16,898 were sold to private customers. 

At an investment of €1.7 million, the Delta Project is expected to give a further impetus to growth. Inspired by U.S. examples, Delta will be a fully dematerialised customer-centric web portal. The aim is for it to market 15,000 units per year by 2020.

Projected turnover for this year is up to €420 million. The two-year target of €600 million turnover and annual sales of 40,000 units (used and new) should put Parot in the Top Ten of French automotive dealers.

Image: Parot

Authored by: Frank Jacobs