8 Feb 18

Puump wins Volvo's hackathon

Volvo's first hackaton in France, which took place on 6 and 7 February at Paris incubator site Station F,  was won by Puump, a tire service provider. 

Puump offers verification and re-adjustment of tire pressure while on the road. The presence of the driver is not required. 

Starting point for the founders of Puump was the fact that more than half of all vehicles in France drive on under-inflated tires – which increases the risk of accidents, and is bad for the environment. 

To remedy the situation, Puump sends out operatives to re-inflate the tires of vehicles where they are parked. Customers order a checkup via a mobile app, and in return get a report of the intervention, including pictures. 

Puump estimates the potential market across Europe is 20 million units – especially in southern Europe, where drivers are less strict in the maintenance of their vehicle.  The business model, initially B2C, can easily be converted into B2B, for example via working for OEMs. 

With the hackathon prize money of €40,000, Puump will be able to organise a pilot in May, first in Paris and then in another French city later in the year. The plan is to expand the service into other major European cities soon. 

Second prize was for Boarding Light, a lighting system designed to combat motion sickness, and third prize was for Gulplug, a system to recharge electric vehicle via induction. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs