6 Jul 16

RAC Car Passport added to Scottish used car programme

The Car Passport for Dealers, introduced in March by the UK's Royal Automobile Club (RAC) has now been added to the Scotsure used car programme, operated by the Scottish Motor Trade Association (SMTA). 

As a result, all the SMTA's 527 dealers who sell used cars now also can offer downloadable, joint RAC-Scotsure-branded customer-facing documentation, which can be used as a sales tool because of the trust associated with the RAC brand name.

Scotsure was launched in 1983 as a warranty scheme for the SMTA's vehicle sales dealer sites. It has since become one of the most recognised such programmes in Scotland.  

RAC Car Passport for Dealers has been adopted by more than 300 dealers. It provides a lower-cost alternative to competing products while offering the reassurance of the RAC brand name.

Key features include customer-facing, downloadable RAC Car Passport documentation designed to maximise the credibility of the check, a £10,000 guarantee that can be increased to up to £50,000 to protect higher-value vehicles, and a mileage adjusted valuation that can be upgraded to a Glass’s valuation for an additional cost.

Image: RAC

Authored by: Frank Jacobs