15 Apr 15

Safety options to affect RV's - Glass's

Glass’s believes that active safety features such as lane departure, blind spot monitoring and intelligent braking systems are set to become the next ‘essential options’ in executive cars and potentially important if RVs are to be maximised.

Steve Jackson, chief car editor of the motor publication, explains: “There is a list of features that used executive car buyers expect, whether they were original standard equipment or optional extras – leather, satnav, Bluetooth, multifunction steering wheels and so on. We believe that the active safety systems that have started to be fitted to cars over the last few years are set to join this list. Initially very expensive, they are starting to fall in price and, at the same time, consumer awareness is growing.

Steve Jackson also said that the fleet market, with its emphasis on duty of care, is playing a large part in helping to popularise these systems. “If you have a group of drivers who cover a lot of motorway miles, then it makes sense to tick the box to order a lane departure system from a risk management point of view. For some employers, this is becoming standard practice and, in due course, these cars are making their way onto the used market”.

Authored by: Tim Harrup