14 May 15

UK fleet & lease resale values at record levels

Auction house BCA's latest Pulse report finds that both fleet & lease and part-exchange values reached record levels in April. Last April, the average value of a used car in the UK rose by £350 (€485) from a month earlier, reaching £7,872 (€10,907). Year on year, the average price was up 4.2%, or £319 (€442), and price and mileage averages were falling.

In April, fleet & lease cars averaged £9,700 (€13,436), up £30 (€42) from March – a new record. They were up by £76 (€105) against April last year, i.e. +0.7%. Average age and mileage declined marginally, while retained value against MRP (Manufacturers Retail Price) fell slightly, to 42.43%.

Average dealer part-exchange values improved for the second month running, averaging £4,348 (€6,021) in April, a rise of £164 (€227, or 3.9%) compared to March and the highest value on record.  Year-on-year values remain ahead by £366 (€507, or 9.2%).

Authored by: Frank Jacobs