14 Jul 16

UK used car prices returning to Q4 2015 levels

In the second quarter of this year, average prices of used cars in the UK have increased by £356 (€424) compared to Q1 2016. They were at £9,154 (€10,898), which is 3.5% higher than in Q2 2015 and just about the same as in Q4 2015, reports Autorola UK. It is only the second time the average price for used cars on Autorola's remarketing portal has surpassed £9,000 (€10,715). The price increase is due to strong demand, Autorola UK says. 

The average age of used cars has remained at 33 months, and mileage has increased slightly to 22,615 miles (36,395 km) – the highest average since Q4 2014, when it stood at 22,811 miles (36,710 km).

Image: Joseph Plotz, CC BY 3.0

Authored by: Frank Jacobs