12 Jan 18

UK used diesel prices up in Q4

Not all diesel news is bad news. In the UK, used diesel prices are defying the negative press by rising instead of falling. 

According to the latest analysis of vehicles sold by Autorola UK's online portal, the average price for a used diesel rose to £11,123 (€12,483) in the fourth quarter of 2017. That's £294 (€330) more than the average price in Q3, despite those cars being on average one month older (at 31 months) and having a higher mileage (27,597 vs. 25,573 miles; i.e. 44,413 vs 41,155 km). 

Over the same period, the average price of used petrol cars fell by £163 (€183) to £8,495 (€9,536). Used petrol cars had a higher mileage (20,720 vs. 17,961 miles; i.e. 33,346 vs. 28,905 km) and a higher age (31 vs. 29 months) in Q4 vs. Q3. 

“Both demand and prices for used diesels have been strong during 2017 and continue to outweigh that of petrols. Diesel prices are already moving back up to the highs of Q1 2017 and traders who are buying from our website are satisfying consumer demand which shows motorists haven’t been phased by unfavourable press coverage over recent months,” explained Jon Mitchell, Autorola UK’s group sales director.

Average used-car values at Autorola UK held consistent above the £9,000 mark (€10,103) in every quarter of 2017 with Q1 (£9,621; €10,800) and Q4 (£9,504; €10,669) showing the highest prices. The Q4 average was £521 (€585) higher than in the same quarter in 2016. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs