17 Jul 15

Used van prices rise again in UK

The average price of used vans sold through Autorola UK’s online remarketing portal are on the rise once again. Average prices rose from £8,910 to £10,958 (from Q1 2015 to Q2 2015) boosted by lower mileages and the strong, nearly-new stock mix Average age remained stable at 29 months, while average mileage fell to 26,198 miles Demand for used LCVs remains high, particularly within the leisure sector.

According to Jon Mitchell (photo) , sales director at Autorola UK, the stock profile also changed in Q2 which helped increase prices.“We had fewer higher mileage fleet units for sale online than in Q1 and more nearly-new vans in excellent condition, offered direct from manufacturers, which was another main reason alongside falling mileage for the price increase,” he explained. Generally though, demand for used vans remains strong, particularly within the leisure sector where used vans are being purchased and converted into campervans”.

Authored by: Tim Harrup