25 Aug 15

Used van sales: service is key

The LCV market is by its very nature, clearly almost entirely a professional market. And SME’s – right down to the size of a ‘man with a van’ – are an important part of it. With this in mind, an article in Fleet News says that dealers need to consider the quality of their used vans and the experience they deliver rather than having an ‘unhealthy focus’ on price to attract business sales. For this advice, the website is citing NextGear Capital as its source.

Nigel Warrington, sales director at NextGear Capital, is quoted as saying: “It seems that all too often LCV dealers focus their promotional activity on price as the main lever that establishes a sale. However, this risks underestimating the impact of service. This is especially true for used LCV buyers, many of whom are SME businesses and who commonly value a dealer’s expertise in vehicle and finance selection.” 

Over the past three years, the website goes on to say, the UKCSI report, which is published by the Institute of Customer Service, has been able to demonstrate a strong, and consistent link between customer satisfaction, sales growth and market share.

Authored by: Tim Harrup