14 May 15

Vans getting older on UK roads

Manheim's latest analysis of the UK's used van market confirms that over half of the 3.8 million vans on Britain's roads are over seven years of age. The latest report from the auction company shows that this ageing of the van population is unlikely to end soon, with the average age of vans likely to continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

While the average value of vans at auction fell back to £4,090 in April (down by £645 compared to April 2014), this figure needs to be considered in context. While mileage is relatively flat across all van segments, the average age of vans entering the used market is having a big impact on values achieved at auction. April 2015 in fact saw the largest ever month-on-month increase in average age since reporting began in 2006.

Matthew Davock, head of vans at Manheim, commented:
"We believe this older van profile is a reflection of the post-recession period and the realisation by businesses that these workhorses, if properly maintained, can run and run! They say 60 is the new 40 where people are concerned and I'd certainly say that this is true of vans too. When it comes to months, 84 is definitely the new 60!"

Authored by: Tim Harrup