24 Jan 18

Will half of dealerships close as people shift to online car buying?

Mercedes-Benz believes up to 25% of its new and used vehicle sales will be completed online by 2022 as more people turn to the web for their car buying experience.

Mercedes-Benz global sales head Britta Seeger explained at the Automotive News Congress during the Detroit motor show that the sales model will continue to change.

Meanwhile, a KPMG report suggests up to half of UK dealerships could close by 2025 as electric vehicles, MaaS and autonomous vehicles are disrupting the industry.

This view was disputed by the National Franchised Dealer Association, emphasising that the industry is resilient and showrooms will continue to play a key role.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz flag at Riverside Retail Park, Northampton (UK)

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck