High time to be courageous

The proverb says ‘In teaching others, we teach ourselves’ and it's true. Instead of making one weak, sharing knowledge shows strength, leadership and intelligence – traits utterly embodied by previous winners at the Fleet Europe Awards. Although it's not easy to put yourself forward for a Fleet Europe Award – and have your work on full display in front of industry peers and the trained eyes of expert judges – courage, strength and confidence are the traits of a leader, and we reward leaders.

A great place to view and swap case studies, insights and best-practice tips in international car fleet management, the thinking fleet manager knows the Fleet Europe Awards – even if you don't take home a prize – offer a real window into the best of the industry, and the chance to go back to work pulsing with ideas; ready to take your fleet to the next level. 

The Fleet Europe Awards – held in Hamburg on 19 November 2014 – is the best opportunity for international fleet professionals to get the recognition they deserve.

Fleet Manager Award categories
There are 5 award categories for international fleet managers (fleet customers).

  • The International Fleet Manager of the Year Award: This award rewards the person or the team which has most successfully developed an international fleet management strategy leading to an optimised TCO.
  • The International Fleet Green Award: This award is given to a company that has successfully implemented a green project for its fleet to optimise sustainability.
  • The International Fleet Safety Award: This award is given to a company that has successfully implemented a fleet-driven safety project, within the framework of the CSR strategy.
  • The International Fleet Mobility Award: This award celebrates the company that has successfully implemented a mobility project for its fleet.
  • The International Fleet Innovation Award: This award rewards an innovative project in a specific field of fleet management (car policy, implementation, green, mobility or safety approach, driver satisfaction).

Fleet Europe Industry Award
This Award aims at rewarding the innovative efforts of the car fleet suppliers that have developed new tools and/or services that help the fleet management profession.

So show your courage, and apply for this year’s Fleet Europe Awards – it's an opportunity not to be missed, and one you won't regret. 

Download the Rules & Regulations & Application Form for the Award categories for Fleet Managers.

Download the 
Rules & Regulations & Application Form for the International Fleet Industry Award for fleet suppliers.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs