17 Sep 21

More info on Car-Pass from 2022

Belgium’s Car-Pass, which contains correct mileage information of used vehicles, will be enriched with additional information. The document, which has been instrumental in virtually wiping out mileage fraud in the second-hand car business in Belgium, will also contain information on the state of the vehicle’s engine and on its maintenance history.

The engine information will inform prospective buyers on the exact nature of the vehicle’s motorisation: petrol, diesel, hybrid, or pure electric. 

The maintenance history – in an anonymised format – will provide information on the vehicle’s preceding visits to maintenance shops, or lack thereof.

The additional information will be added in 2022. Meanwhile, Belgium’s secretary of state for Consumer Protection has asked the European Commission to examine whether the Belgian Car-Pass could serve as a model for an EU-wide system to prevent mileage fraud. 

Image: Car-Pass

Authored by: Frank Jacobs