22 May 18

Call for Car-Pass to cover all EU

The Belgian Car-Pass system, designed to prevent fraud in the kilometre readings of second hand vehicles, appears to be working well. Figures just released show that the risk of falling foul of a ‘clocked’ vehicle in the country when buying second hand, are now just one in 500. And in addition, Belgium is sharing mileage details with the Netherlands, further enhancing effectiveness. In view of this, the EU is calling for the system to be extended to cover the whole of the Union.

The system began in 2006, and functions by the actual kilometre reading being recorded so that any later modification is easily detected. During last year, Car-Pass detected around 1,500 cases of kilometre fraud, just 0.21% of certificates delivered (not counting imported and thus unchecked, second hand vehicles).

While the average number of kilometres which disappear from a vehicle is of the order of 62,000, extreme cases are also seen. Car-Pass points to a 2009 Mercedes Vito which had been ‘clocked’ from just over 900,000 km to 280,000 – a decrease of 680,000!

Authored by: Tim Harrup