20 Mar 19

Used diesels stay 10% longer in stock than used petrols

Recent INDICATA research in Belgium indicates nearly half of all diesel cars remain in stock for more than three months. That’s 10% more than used petrol cars. 

A new study published today on the sale of used cars in Belgium shows a striking gap between second-hand petrol and diesel cars. No less than 48.19% of the diesel cars in stock at professional dealerships were there longer than three months (i.e. more than 91 stock days). For petrol cars, that figure is only 38.92%, or almost 10% less.

Hardest sell

“A clear and noticeable difference,” says Erwin Coesens, Autorola Belux Country Manager, who points out that INDICATA’s big-data analysis can be used to adjust remarketing activities: “We notice for example that traders who actively use our data do amazingly better than their competitors.”

Other findings from the INDICATA research:

  • At brand level, used Porsche diesels are the hardest sell. No less than 60.6% stay in stock for at least three months. 
  • Used diesels from Seat and Ford share the second place, at 57.8%. Opel is at four (56.1%), VW (54%) at five.  
  • As far as used petrol cars are concerned, Seat is the hardest brand to get off the lot: 54.5% stay for more than 91 stock days. 
  • Next in line for used petrol cars are Porsche (53.8%), Skoda (49.2%), Opel (42.7%) and VW (40.5%). 

1453 stock days

Broadening the scope of the research, it turns out some perfectly sellable vehicles stay in stock for more than three years. “One Ford C-Max (pictured) with just 67,000 km on the clock had no less than 1453 stock days – that takes the crown in the INDICATA data file,” Mr Coesens says. 

The research was conducted by INDICATA, a part of the Autorola Group and a global player in online vehicle remarketing and assorted IT solutions. Based on data collected this February, the study focused on 

  • the Top 20 most popular brands, 
  • vehicles 6 to 60 months old 
  • with a minimum of 5000 km, and 
  • online sales at concessionaires and recognised professional dealers. 
Authored by: Frank Jacobs