27 Feb 19

Emission and accident data added to Car-Pass

From 1 March, Car-Pass, the Belgian anti-mileage fraud system, will contain more information. Inaugurated in 2004, the system was due for an overhaul. As of next month, Car-Pass will contain:

  • Correct mileage information, as before;
  • The Euro Norm: which emissions standard the car conforms to may significantly affect its tax status, as well as pose restrictions on its entry in the low-emission zones that are popping up across Europe;
  • CO2 emissions: a bedrock criterion for vehicle taxation. Also indicated will be whether the level of CO2 emissions for this particular vehicle derives from the (previous) NEDC test method, or the (current) WLTP one. If available, both values will be provided; 
  • After-accident inspection: to avoid that used vehicles which have been involved in a serious accident are offered for sale without having first undergone the mandatory inspection, Car-Pass will indicate if this is the case, so buyers are forewarned. 

From 1 January 2020, Car-Pass will also indicate whether there are any unfulfilled recalls issued for the vehicle offered for sale. 

Used-vehicle vendors must clearly indicate the information contained in Car-Pass for each relevant vehicle – both in their showroom or, if they’re selling the car online, on their web portal. As before, vendors are obliged to issue a Car-Pass document to the buyer when concluding the sale of a used vehicle. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs