23 Jul 15

Double-digit growth rate for European True Fleet Market

Dataforce reports a really strong June with a growth of 17.0 per cent pushed the positive trend of the European True Fleet Market even further to a double digit growth rate of 11.2 per cent for the first half year 2015. Especially the performance of True Fleets in Spain (+ 32.0 per cent) and Italy (+ 19.4 per cent) was remarkable. But France, Germany and the United Kingdom were able to increase their registrations on fleet customers as well despite already very high comparative volumes in the first half year 2014.

By comparing the True Fleets results with the respective Total Markets it turns out that the Fleet performance was significantly better in all five countries. Especially the Private Market is dragging behind with a growth of "only“ 6.1 per cent. Accordingly, fleet customers have become more important and increased their share compared to January-June 2014 in all five markets. In Germany, France and Italy their share for the first six months was higher than in all previous first half years.

Top-10 brands True Fleet Market Europe first half-year 2015

14 out of the Top-15 manufacturer in the EU-5 True Fleet Market were able to rise their registration volumes. Particularly the market leader Volkswagen was shining with an increase by 15.9 per cent over January to June 2014. Mercedes (climbing from rank 7 to 5, + 21.0 per cent), Peugeot (unchanged in 8th position, + 18.0 per cent) and Hyundai (jumping on rank 14, + 39.1 per cent) performed notably well too. All these brands were able to boost their fleet registrations in all five markets. The same applies to Audi, Jeep, Land Rover, Mini, Mitsubishi and Renault.

Volkswagen Golf Europe’s number one in True Fleets

In the first half of 2015 Volkswagen Golf was, once again, the top selling model in the EU- 5 True Fleet Market. It was number one in the United Kingdom, second best in Germany and Spain and on fourth place in Italy. In the French fleet market Volkswagen Golf was the most successful imported passenger car behind nine different models of the domestic brands Renault, Peugeot and Citroen.

Volkswagen Passat (top seller in Germany) achieved a growth of 33.0 per cent ranking number two in the first half-year 2015 followed by Renault Clio who was in the lead both in the French and Spanish fleet market. Mercedes C-Class achieved an eye-catching performance by doubling its new registrations compared to previous year and jumping from rank number 24 to fourth place. An equally impressive performance could be reported for Peugeot‘s 308 (from 20th to 6th position) with a growth rate of 77.2 per cent. This encouraging performance was not only fueled by the French True Fleet Market where the 308 was number two behind Renault Clio. In Italy and Spain the French compact car entered the Top-5 as well.

SUV on the rise again

Although only one SUV entered the European Top-10 models (Nissan Qashqai on 7th position) the offroaders achieved the biggest improvement both in absolute figures and in percentage growth. With an increase of 32.1 per cent, the SUV reduced the gap to Europe‘s largest vehicle segment - the compact class - once again. Sports Utility Vehicles accounted for more than 21 percent of all new registrations to fleet customers in the first six months. In Italy (especially due to the impressive increase of Jeep) and the UK SUV is already segment number one.

Authored by: Michael Gergen