28 Feb 17

BCA restructures to improve fleet services

Avril Palmer-Baunack

Auction house BCA is restructuring to improve services for fleet operators and to prepare for future acquisitions, says Avril Palmer-Baunack (pictured), executive chair of the group. 

Recently, BCA acquired Ambrosetti, Paragon Automotive, Stobart Automotive and Scottish Motor Auctions – a growth strategy that saw its stock price shoot up almost 50% since it floated in 2014.

The BCA umbrella now shelters five distinct companies, each with its own managing director: BCA Vehicle Services, BCA Fleet Solutions, BCA Automotive, BCA Logistics and BCA Remarketing. 

“Customers are looking for innovative solutions and we have reshaped our business to allow us to shorten or remove links through the supply chain, allowing more vehicles to move more efficiently”, Ms Palmer-Baunack was quoted by FleetNews.

Under the new structure, the company can deliver complex defleet and remarketing packages to motor industry customers including reconditioning, conversion, pre-delivery inspection, servicing, storage and onward movement to its remarketing centres.

The consolidated supply chain will benefit fleet managers, as it reduces both the number of intermediary service providers and the amount of paperwork involved. Conversely, BCA can offer a holistic overview of the whole supply chain and recommend ways to improve business. The integrated business is also key to BCA's ambitions to deliver digital services. The Big Data the companies generate will also produce actionable information for BCA customers. 

Image: BCA

Authored by: Frank Jacobs