27 Sep 19

Excellence award for IBM's Vinturas platform

Within just six months, IBM has delivered the first version of the blockchain platform for Vinturas, an innovator in vehicle logistics. Not just for its speed, but also for the quality of its work, the IBM team responsible for that achievement (pictured) has won the IBM Excellence Award. 

“The collaboration between Vinturas and IBM is based on a mutual drive for innovation and accomplishment,” says Lara Plandsoen, Senior Consultant Blockchain at IBM. “Together, we've managed to show how business, design, architecture and development can be streamlined into one successful product. Even more good news: there's a lot more to come! We'll continue to improve and extend the Vinturas platform.”

Commending the team, Jon Kuiper, CEO at Vinturas, said its work brought Vinturas' goals closer to fruition: “Fundamental change in the finished vehicle supply chain in Europe. And value creation by collaborating in our ecosystem.”


Authored by: Frank Jacobs