8 Dec 15

France considers 'used EV' purchase bonus

There is more news concerning used cars in France. At a recent conference organised by Avere, a representative of the French government indicated that the authorities are looking at instigating a bonus for the purchase of used electric vehicles. This would encourage market growth within this segment, and enable those unable or unwilling to pay the relatively high price for a new electric vehicle, to get a foot on the ladder. Currently, buyers of a new electric vehicle in France are eligible for a bonus of 6,300 Euros, a figure set to remain unchanged next year.

Remaining with the green theme, the deputy head of the automotive industry bureau of the French ministry of the Economy, Marie-Gaëlle Pinart, also pointed out that the bonus available to those who scrap an old diesel vehicle and replace it with an electric vehicle, would be extended to vehicles over 10 years old, not 14 years as before. This bonus is 3,700 Euros.

Authored by: Tim Harrup