29 Sep 14

Manheim expands in Europe

Remarketing company Manheim has seen continued growth of virtual auctions since the UK launch of its Simulcast platform in 2004. Following a decade of UK growth, featuring a 300% increase in online bidders, Manheim has now launched the latest Simulcast version across its European markets.

Manheim introduced Simulcast to the UK market 10 years ago, changing the way vehicles can be bought by providing an online offering that complements its physical auction programme. Using the system, customers can watch multiple auctions live on their smartphone, tablet or PC; browsing, bidding and buying online as if they were standing in the auction hall itself.

Following the success of Simulcast in the UK, Manheim has announced the recent upgrade to the system in Europe. Improved features include a mobile-friendly function, instant online stock previews, improved vehicle grading and online payments, bringing the European system in-line with Simulcast in the UK and giving online bidders an even faster and easier way to find the vehicles they want.

Michael Buxton (photo), Manheim's CEO, said: "We're pleased to see that the use of our award-winning Simulcast has seen huge growth during the past decade. As an industry leader, Manheim works hard to understand its customers' needs and uses innovative technologies to offer the most flexible and convenient ways to do business. Our latest version of Simulcast in Europe is an example of this, and supports the growing popularity of online bidding and buying. Figures from both online and in-lane auctions show that Simulcast supplements our popular physical auction programme. This is something we expect to see continue in the future, with products such as Simulcast helping to bring a far wider range of customers to Manheim for their vehicle solutions”.

Authored by: Tim Harrup