30 Jan 16

Opel Adam is German RV champ

The highly customisable city car from Opel wins the Wertmeister award for the third time in a row, highlighting both its actual residual value performance and the fact that the car is expected to stay in demand on the used car market. After 48 months and 44,000 km, the Adam 1.0 ecoFlex is expected to be worth 56.9% of the factory price according to Schwacke, the consultancy that AutoBild turned to within the context of the annual ‘German RV awards’. These were organised for the 13th time.

Once a year, Schwacke announces the models with the lowest depreciation. The experts also give a four-year forecast at this time. The consultancy examines and evaluates the vehicle concept, quality, design, price, operating costs and lifecycle. “The ADAM impresses with its design and countless individualization possibilities while boasting first-class quality and the highly efficient, new-generation three-cylinder engine. So the ADAM is always the right choice, both emotionally and rationally,” said Opel Group Vice President Sales & Aftersales Peter Christian Küspert at the awards ceremony.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier