25 Jan 23

ProovStation 'instant vehicle scan' technology receives €10.4 m funding

ProovStation 'instant vehicle scan' technology receives €10.4 m funding

ProovStation, which won the 2019 Fleet Europe Car Remarketing Award organised by Fleet Europe, has announced raising €10.4 million in the latest funding round, led by Supernova Invest. 

Based in France, ProovStation has developed a fully automated automobile scanner that completes the inspection and valuation process in three seconds. The technology comes as a 'ProovStation', equipped with cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) powered by NVIDIA graphic processors and an optronic system allowing a 360° scan of the vehicle. 

Instant scanning technology is vital in eliminating manual inspection processes, significantly increasing the number of vehicles inspected daily. Emerging as a game-changer innovation in the used vehicles market, ProovStation offers an instant and reliable digital sales experience. 

For this purpose, ProovStation has partnered with several industry giants, including Michelin, which provides Quickscan technology to test tire wear. Another partner, the French retail giant Carrefour, offers this service free of charge for self-service in the parking lots of multiple hypermarkets in France. Thus, car owners can receive offers in no time, guaranteed by BCA Group, another partner of ProovStation. 

ProovStation plans to spread across France with the new funding, with 30 station deployments this year. The strategy is to move forward with internalisation, with over 130 stations being under deployment in 13 countries. Established in Lyon in 2018, ProovStation was also awarded the i-Nov 2020. 

The main image shows Anton Komyza CFO & Cofounder (left), Cédric Bernard CEO & Cofounder (centre), Gabriel Tissandier General Director & Cofounder (right) and a ProovStation at a Carrefour parking lot.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen