7 Nov 18

Autovista launches tool for RV management

Autovista Group, one of Europe’s leading specialists in automotive pricing, has launched Residual Vehicle Intelligence (RVI). Designed to revolutionise strategic vehicle lifecycle management and fleet planning, RVI is a subscription service offering an in-depth, highly accurate view of pricing and Residual Values (RVs) across Europe. 

According to Sarah Walkley, Chief Research Officer at Autovista Group, RVI is “the first service to offer aggregated analysis of the largest five European national markets in 14 segments, 7 fuel types and across 38 automotive brands.”

Future strategy
RVI provides teams of RV, Fleet and Leasing Risk Managers (as well as C-level execs at OEMs and lease companies) with the opportunity to instantly evaluate historical trends in used-vehicle pricing, and to shape their future strategy on the basis of market-leading, accurate data and reliable analysis, Ms Walkley says.

“Our experts put significant fluctuations in any of the major market indicators into context, so that customers can quickly understand the underlying reasons,” she adds.

Useful applications

 Some useful applications of RVI:

  • It identifies fluctuations in RVs by segment and fuel type, helping to track and anticipate commercial opportunities as well as risks to fleet mix or model portfolio;
  • It assesses how to change the model mix, as emissions regulations and increased electrification shape market demand;
  • It benchmarks competitive positions, tracking shifts in customers’ own and direct competitors’ RV performance and share of the used-car market;
  • It compares brand performance with wider market conditions, allowing customers to spot areas of over- or underperformance and take timely action;
  • It helps to understand the impact of governments' clean air policies and diesel driving bans on RVs.

Key data
RVI’s platform allows users to track performances across countries, segments, fuel types and brands – using data dashboards to visualise trends and key data, downloadable as graphs to include in presentations. According to Autovista, RVI allows customers to benefit from trusted valuations that are based on transparent methodology, robust trend analysis and reliable averages – enabling useful cross-border comparisons. 

Deeper insight
“RVI tracks all key performance indicators to provide users with a deeper insight into the numbers”, says Magnus Lövsund, Director of Valuation and Insights at Autovista Group. “It allows them to monitor current values across trade and retail, review different scenarios to improve strategic planning and provides 16 age/distance scenarios as standard.”

Residual Value Intelligence is now available in Europe’s Big Five markets, i.e. Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain.


  • Samuel Keates, Director of Specifications at Autovista Group, will offer a presentation on the impact of WLTP on RVs and remarketing at the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum, on 27 November in Barcelona.
  • The Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum is one of more than 20 events that constitute the Fleet Europe Summit (26-28 November in Barcelona). For more on the Forum’s programme here (and how to register), click here.
Authored by: Frank Jacobs